Automatically Repeat Videos In YouTube
By on June 22nd, 2008

YouTube videos are programmed to play only once by default but what if you wanted to repeat a video over and over again in YouTube?

Loopy for YouTube is a handy Greasemonkey script which will allow you to repeat YouTube videos over and over again automatically.

Once you have installed the script the video will automatically replay over and over again once you click the Loop link without you have to use the replay button.


YouTube has a inbuilt functionality to repeat videos which publishers can use while embedding the videos on their own site. To make the videos repeat over and over again you will need to use the key value pair loop=1.

You can check the entire list of parameters supported by the YouTube player.

Note: You will have to first install the Greasemonkey extension and restart Firefox once before being able to use this feature.

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  • abhishek

    never noticed this option…thanks for sharing

  • Sandip

    Even i didn’t noticed that option ever before, Thanks for sharing :)

  • 1/2Kg de Broa

    Nice! Very good tip

  • kalitbri

    You can try this website: LoopTube
    It provides great and simple function to repeat YouTube videos.
    For the details instruction you can see:
    Two simple ways to loop your youtube

  • Emil

    You can use EndlessYouTube.
    This is an online tool that you can repeat and loop part or whole of YouTube video!
    Also, you can try Greasemonkey script or Bookmarklet.

  • Lezomeo

    You can also try This website allow us to search for clips on the same page, so more convenient.

  • Matt

    There’s a better version of ‘Loopy For Youtube’ script, using that you can repeat just a part of the youtube video. I use that quite often now. It’s Youtube_Better_Loopy

  • Philip

    Ohh, neat. I was just wondering about this the other day, how to replay the vids.

    • Jason

      Thanks Matt ! I noticed that Loopy for youtube stopped working since they changed their layout. It seems Better Loopy for Youtube is the new answer. Nice.

  • Kevin

    Thanks for the link Matt. It seems Loopy for YouTube was not working since Youtube changed their design. The "Better Loopy" thing works. It's nice actually !!

  • Zero

    easiest way to do this is on

    it has a built in search function, so you can search for videos right on the site. any video will automatically repeat untill you stop it.

    besides, if you're watching a youtube clip, you can change "tube" with "repeat" in the url and press enter. you'll be redirected to yourepeat, where your current video will loop forever :)

  • yo

    you don’t have to do that, just try youtube repeat, way easier

  • steven lucero

    Thank you very much ,because im always click when im playing

  • youbulb

    i love this extension its working fine in chrome . I love you all , an air kiss to all of developers …………….. : )

  • ZeroSpree Apps

    I use, quite a good youtube repeat tool.

  • jveo yves

    easiest is

  • Alex

    Tried to get this to work but couldn’t… says it was last updated
    Oct 4 2008 o.O

    I ended up using and their bookmark shortcut, way easy.

  • ZeroSpree Apps

    I use , you can bookmark a repeat button, add videos to a watchlist + you can choose what part of the video you want to repeat. Good enough for me.

  • Jan Hašek

    I you this page to repeat video on youtube. Just put ID video and here we go :-)

  • Aiden Ruse

    Nice info. I have found a new source of repeating youtube videos Thanks for sharing useful script

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