How to Add Custom Send To Links to Google Reader?

recently added new features that allowed users to easily share content with others using a send to links, however the feature does not limit users and also allows them to add custom send to links.


Here is a short tutorial on how you can add custom send to links to Google Reader.

Step 1: Go to Google Reader Settings page and click on the Send to tab.


Step 2: At the bottom of the page click on Create a custom link button, you will see text boxes where you can enter the details.

Step 3: In the Name field enter the name you want the send to option to be displayed as. In the URL textbox add the URL of the site you want to send the content to and in the Icon URL add the URL of the icon that you want to associate with the send to option.

Several social networking sites require you to provide with title and URL while submitting content, to add them to the send to link you can make use of substitutions provided by Google Reader.

For example if the link to download a webpage as a is

You can use a substitution called {$url} like it is shown in the example below.${url}

You can also use ${source} for the source of the article, ${title} for the title of the article and ${short-url} which is a shortened URL that will redirect to the webpage.

Step 4: Once you have added the details click on the save button and the send to option should be available when you go back to Google Reader.

Definitely useful and worth using, we will come up with a of Send to options that you can use to add to your account.

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