How to add Windows Calculator to Excel 2007 Quick Access Toolbar

While working with excel 2007 worksheet, you would want to perform some calculation and make use of Windows Calculator. To access calculator you have to go through some steps, sometimes it could be a time consuming process. Adding Windows Calculator to the Excel 2007 quick access toolbar will help you reduce the hassle and save your time. It is pretty useful to perform quick calculations.

Below I’ve described how to add windows calculator in Microsoft Excel 2007 quick access toolbar.

How to add Windows Calculator to Excel 2007 quick access toolbar

It is quite simple process to add windows calculator in quick access toolbar. Follow the steps  below.

  • Open MS Excel 2007 and go to the quick access toolbar.


  • Click on the arrow and select More Commandsoption.


  • The Excel optionwindow will pop out. Now select Commands Not in the Ribbon.


  • The list will appear in the left side. Select calculatorfrom the list and click on Addbutton. Click on Okto apply this settings.


  • Now windows calculator is added in excel’s quick access toolbar and you can access it easily from toolbar.


If you want to remove the calculator from the quick access toolbar then right click on the item calculatorand click on Remove from Quick Access Toolbar.

Now you can perform all your quick calculation in the windows calculator from the quick access toolbar of your excel and save the time. You can also customize the quick access toolbar in MS excel 2007 adding more item in it and comfortably bypass the hassles and time consuming processes.

Note: There are some newer Microsoft keyboard that comes with a button which launches the calculator directly from it. It is even more easier to access the windows calculator.

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