Access Your Address Bar and Internet History Quickly In Internet Explorer

Ever copied a link and wanted to quickly post it into your address bar in Internet Explorer? or just want to browse your Internet History without right from the address bar?

If you are looking to get this things done without using the mouse here are couple of shortcut keys that will help you achieve it when you are using Internet Explorer.

Access Your Address Bar with F6

When you press the F6 key the focus will automatically go to the address bar, if you have copied any link or just want to head to another URL in the current window just press the F6 key and past the URL or type a new one.

Access Your Internet History with F4

If you want to go back to the sites you visited earlier you will have to browse through your Internet Explorer Browsing History, the F4 key is a shortcut which allows you to browse your Internet Browsing History without having to visit the history option in Internet Explorer.

Just press F4 and use the arrow keys to navigate your Internet Browsing History.

Additional Tips and Shortcut Keys

Use F3 key to pop up the Search Box

Use F5 key to quickly refresh the page

Use Ctrl + F5 key  to send a refresh request to the website server (a fresh page will be served from the server)

Use F10 key to quickly toggle access to the menu (File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools Help). Once you have pressed F10 key simply use the arrow keys to navigate between menus. If you want to focus back on the main page press F10 again.

Use F11 key to toggle between full screen mode. If you want to view a web page in full screen mode simply press F11, once your done please F11 once again and you will get back to normal mode.

Last but not the least use F1 key to get access to Help documents of Internet Explorer.

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