Access Your Desktop Without Minimizing Application Windows [How To]

The Windows Desktop is used widely by users to store shortcut icons for their favorite applications, downloaded files, important notes and so on.

The desktop can be easily accessed by using the hotkey’s Windows + D or Windows + M but in process of using these keys you may have to minimize any current applications you are working on.

There is a easy alternative using which you can access all the files and folders without having to minimize any applications, in the post we will show you how to access your desktop without minimizing application windows.

Trick To Access Windows Without Minimizing Application Windows

Windows provides you with a toolbar for the Desktop using which you can access you desktop from the task bar. To enable the toolbar right click on any empty space on your task bar and select Desktop from the Toolbar sub menu.


Once you select the Desktop option a new toolbar will be displayed in the task bar using which you can easily access all the shortcuts and files or folders stored on your desktop without having to minimize any application windows.


We hope this will save you some time the next time you want to access your desktop.

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7 thoughts on “Access Your Desktop Without Minimizing Application Windows [How To]”

    1. Yea quite true, but I prefer to keep my desktop clean and this trick always helps me when I am trying to work on something and open something from the desktop.

  1. YES! Windows + D is good but if you open another folder/program you can’t Windows + D to get all applications maximized again. This way I can keep all my windows up and still call a file from my desktop. Big win here, thanks!

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