Access Banned Torrent and Video Sites in India

The Indian governments Department of Telecom (DOT) recently notified ISPs to block several torrent and video websites such as Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, KickAss Torrent, Vimeo, Pastebin and more to curb piracy. ISPs like Reliance and Airtel have already started blocking those websites.

In reply to those blocks, the famous group Anonymous has attacked several Indian government websites and taken them down. While the attacks continue, several users in India are still looking to access the websites but are seeing a message “This site has been blocked as per instructions from Department of Telecom (DOT)”.

If you are someone who is looking to access those torrent and video sites in India, you can still do it through several means. As I had stated earlier you can easily access blocked websites using proxy servers, you will find several proxy servers in our earlier guide on how to access blocked website.

Additionally, you can also access those websites using services like OpenDNS and Google DNS. See our guide on How to use Google Public DNS on Windows 7 and Windows XP or use a Google DNS helper to automatically change to Google DNS. If you are in India, you can use a DNS proxy website like as well.

If you are still not able to access those torrent websites, you could always try and use the site operator in Google search to directly search those websites and view their cached copies.

If you have any other means to access those websites, please feel free to leave a comment.

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  • Nemesis

    Friends try using this for pirate bay, it works !

    • mohit

      Thnks Sir
      can u help me with some mre
      torrents site
      for hindi movies ………………………..

      • jga

        it works for pirate bay,frnd could u send me the link for

    • name

      friend send me the link for

    • flying_dagger

      thanks a lot mate :)

  • sagar makkar

    i m using tata indicom wimax and they havent blocked any file sharing website…for the first time i liked any tata product…:P

  • Anand

    i m a airtel customer , now am accessing all blocked web sites thank you…..


    How can i access torrents sites??? all r blocked! pl help….

  • varun

    use https:// instead of http://

  • Joe1

    hay guys. torrent websites (other than are accessible now. I am from bangalore and have airtel connection.

  • sam

    thnks man… its a big relief… will try it out jsut now

  • Manoj Sahrma

    extra torrent :

  • ny

    for pirate bay it works, could u also send me the link for



  • Fawad Bukhari

    fuck india..

  • I would say that would work in some cases but you wouldn’t want to use it because it’s incredibly slow! Just get a VPN. I’m using highspeedVPN it’s pretty good so far I’d recommend it. You can get it from

  • Alex

    I frequently visit wifi cafe’s etc and use if your sitting down at a cafe using the supplied wifi your traffic from your computer is available to other users on the network, this is where firesheep comes into play.

    If however you use a product like primovpn you just connect to one of there server and your traffic is encrypted across the wifi network and out to the internet, i’ve tested this by using two laptops one with the VPN and the another with firesheep, with the VPN.S it’s 100% protected.

    With the VPN.S off, firesheep can pick up your traffic, not only firesheep but any packet sniffing software like wireshark for example.

  • Some Youtube videos aren’t accessible in India. The government bans a lot of the sites. There is a way around it. It is one of the best in this niche.