6 Tools for Anonymous Torrenting Options

When you are surfing on the web, all your browsing history and activities can be tracked by anyone on the internet. Most of the hackers and others always will be on a look out for vulnerable connections. When you are downloading something from the web, there is a probability for others to know your computers IP address, system information etc., and use this information to launch an attack.

To avoid these attacks, you can hide your IP address or fool the hackers with a false IP address. This is done by using the re-routing process such that all your downloads are done using a remote server or by using proxies, this is called “Anonymous Torrenting”.

Here in are some of the tools that enable you to do anonymous torrenting easily without revealing any information about your computer. Both the recipient and the transmitter do not know each other.

1) BitBlinder

To use this application for free first you need to provide small amount of data. Everyone will provide a small amount of data to the system such that everyone’s data is anonymized in this system. When you request for certain data on the network, it is transmitted to the target website passing through number of peers such that one can see the address of the next peer. So, no one knows about the target website or about your information. By this way , you can keep your privacy and protect your identity at the same time.

2) Furk.net

Using this service, you can get a direct download link of the file that you want to download. If you have torrent files, then copy the torrent file location and past the address on Furk.net. Then, the servers of the Furk.net will download the file for you and also acts as proxy servers to protect your privacy and identity. You will get a direct download link where-in you can download the file as a HTTP file by this way you can override the ISP block and with the SSL encrypted links you can bypass the content filtering. You can also search all the Bittorrent sites using the Meta search engine in this site.

3) TorrentPrivacy

TorrentPrivacy will do more than just acting as a proxy. It will encrypt all the Bittorrent traffic using the SSH protocol such that no one can know what you are doing. Your IP is also concealed by rerouting your connection to the servers in Netherland, USA or Canada such that you will be appearing as a user from any of these countries and your original identity is protected. As your IP and identity is concealed, no one can legally sue you and even the ISP cannot monitor your actions. SSH protocol uses 128 bit encryption, it is highly impossible for someone to decrypt the data.

4) I2P installer

This application not only allows you to do anonymous torrenting but also protects your browsing history and IP address from others. Just install this application on your computer and if you are using   Firefox web browser then go to Tools>Options>Advanced>Network>settings in that under the connections select the manual Proxy configuration and then add localhost as HTTP proxy and add port as 4444, same applies to IE and Opera.   Once you are done, you continue with the torrents like you do usually but this time anonymously.

5) Offsystem- Anonymous Torrent Download

Offsystem acts like an online hard disk allowing you can upload or download   torrent files from your computer anonymously. Offsystem adds more number of peer-to-peer connections to make your identity and IP address almost   impossible to track. The network of Offsystem is spread across the world, you can upload a file onto Offsystem from one corner of the world and download the same file from another corner without any problem and that too anonymously!.

6) Nodezilla

This is a P2p Anonymous file sharing network that enables you to share files on various torrents while hiding your IP and system information on the network. You may be connected to the target site through any of the peers on the network. It also provides you with cache feature so that you can gain access to the information quickly.

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