How To Open SKV Files?

SKV files or semicolon separated value which are similar to CSV files (comma separated values), both of these files can easily be opened and viewed using a text editor.

However when you view it using a text editor you will see the raw data instead of columned data, which you can view by opening the file in Microsoft Excel, however if you do not have a Microsoft excel installed you can still open and view the file with a small   called ViewSKV.


Once you download the utility extract it to any folder and use it to open the SKV file, the best part about this software is that it will allow you view the data in column format, something which you cannot do in a plain text editor.

Download ViewSKV

How To Open Firefox Searches In A New Tab

If you search for something in Firefox, the results are displayed in the same tab by default. Many times when you are doing a search, you don’t want to navigate away from the current page and you would rather get the search results in a new tab. Here’s how to do that in Firefox:

1. In the address bar, type about:config

2. Filter results by typing

3. You will see the value set to false

4. Right-click and from the menu choose Toggle

That’s it. As soon as you click on Toggle, the value would be changed to True and your search results would now open in a new tab. This small tip turns out to be quite useful if you do a lot of searches from your browser instead of going to Google or Bing home page.

HELP!!! What Is TeaTimer.exe? Why Is It Running On My Computer?

Another distress help call came to us through the contact us form asking us about a weird task running on a user’s computer. The task in question is called TeaTimer.exe and has been running on the user’s computer.

TeaTimer.exe is not a virus, spyware or malware, in-fact it is run by a spyware defending software called Spybot Search & Destroy.

So if you have this spyware protector installed in your system, you will most like see it in running processes.

Here is a excerpt from the Spybot knowledgebase:

The Resident TeaTimer is a tool of Spybot-S&D which perpetually monitors the processes called/initiated. It immediately detects known malicious processes wanting to start and terminates them giving you some options, how to deal with this process in the future.

However there are certain variants of worms that use the same name, if you do not use the above software, you should definitely cleanup the worm.

To solve any spyware issues you might want to read a article which we had written earlier about removing spywares/worms from your computer.

To stay on the safer side don’t forget to read our articles on Detailed Instructions on Protecting Your Computer from Internet Threats and Online Security Tips Keep your computer secure and safe.

What Are .XHTML Files? How To Open Them?

.XHTML files are basically HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) that are used to display webpages and websites. The additional X in the .XHTML files indicates that the file uses a certain standard that is set by

XHTML files basically use XML standards which is more stricter than HTML and allows for proper navigation of documents programmatically.

If you have downloaded a .XHTML file, it is no threat, you can double click on the file and it will open up in your default browser.

If you want to open the file to view its contents, you can also do that by opening it in notepad or your favorite text editor.

What Is GoogleCrashHandler.exe? Is It a Virus or Spyware?

Update: Click here for more interesting tips on dealing with unknown file types and processes.

One of our readers recently saw a suspicious file that was running on their system called GoogleCrashHandler.exe, and asked us what that file was and whether it was a virus or Spyware?

GoogleCrashHandler.exe is a helper file for the Google Update software, if you have Google Update installed on your system, you will see an instance of GoogleCrashHandler running when you visit the processes tab in Task manager.

Update: Google now has a help page that explains what GoogleCrashHandler.exe is for;

GoogleCrashHandler.exe runs continuously on your computer if you’ve selected to send anonymous usage statistics and crash reports to Google for certain Google software, like Google Chrome. It helps send crash details to Google when your Google software unexpectedly shuts down. We use this data to help determine how to prevent these errors from happening in the future.

To stop GoogleCrashHandler.exe from running, turn off the sending of usage statistics and crash reports for all the Google software on your computer.

This file is neither a Virus nor a spyware, however if you want to get rid of it you will have to uninstall Google update from your PC.

Windows program installer is not the best way to remove programs, if you are looking for alternatives some of the excellent alternatives for uninstalling software from your PCs.

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Open Firefox Links In Opera

I use a mix of browsers including , , and and juggle between them while reading content on the internet. I do use Firefox a lot, but there are times when I want to open certain links in other browsers.

In the past we have told you about a way to open Firefox links in Google Chrome in the Google Chrome Tips and Tricks post, but what about Opera? Can you open Firefox links in Opera?

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Quickly Open Last Closed Tab In Opera

There are several times when you may close a tab by mistake in the browser, if you are user, you can easily open the last closed tab, by opening a blank tab and selecting the link from the recently closed section.

users can use a add-on to reopen accidentally closed tabs with the help of a , however users have it much more easier.

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How To Open XML Files?

XML (Extensible Markup Language) data file that uses tags to define objects and object attributes; formatted much like an HTML document, but uses custom tags to define objects and the data within each object; can be thought of as a text-based database.

XML files have become a standard way of storing and transferring data between programs and over the Internet; because they are formatted as text documents, they can be edited by a basic text editor.

A more broader explanation of XML files can be found at Wikipedia.

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How To Open FLV Files?

FLV stands for Flash Video format. Besides the existing formats like mpg, avi, Quicktime en RealMedia, the Flash video format is becoming more and more popular. Most video sites use FLV to play Flash videos, however to play FLV files on your desktop you will require a special video player.

How To Open FLV Files?

Step 1: Download the FLV files to your Desktop.

Step 2: Download a Standalone FLV Player or Desktop FLV Player or VLC Player.

Step 3: Open the FLV files using any of the FLV players you downloaded.

That’s it with 3 simple steps you can open and view FLV files.

How To Open .wgz Files?

WGZ files are compressed archives that contains a widget or a small program, for Nokia S60 based phones, these compressed archives may contain HTML, CSS and JavaScript files and makes use of the Web Runtime (WRT) software to run itself.

S60 Web Runtime is a framework that allows developers to easily create mobile application.

To open .wgz files you will require Nokia PC Suite or Nokia Multimedia Transfer so that you can install it on your Nokia S60 based smartphones.