Wear The Preventive Attitude To Stay Healthy
By on June 15th, 2012

There is a constant fear in our mind — what if we are diagnosed with one of those fatal disorders? This thought leads us to act ‘preventive’ and avoid diagnostic tests. We are scared to hear the news of some ailment creeping inside us — a typical human tendency.

In reality, when our body is giving signals of discomfort, we conveniently pop pills, until we fall prey to one of those deadly diseases. We fail to look at the larger picture. If any disorder is diagnosed early, long-term damage to our body can be avoided. Early diagnosis and staging of any disease play a significant role in the choice of treatment. This further helps in saving lot of time and cost. On the contrary, when the disease is diagnosed late, it usually has reached an advanced stage — treatment of which takes lot of time and becomes expensive.

Here is a simple formula: Regularize your health check-ups

  • Do not wait for your body to give signals like pain, dizziness, etc.
  • DIY: Go for an annual or a bi-annual health check-up.
  • No need of any extravagance. Just go for a basic health check-up, which comprises tests like blood, urine, body mass index, blood pressure, ECG and a Chest X-ray.

These routine tests help you to get those warning signs, which further help you to take care of your health. You do not need a doctor’s prescription. Just walk in to any diagnostic centers or hospitals who offer these health packages. In fact, nowadays, there is a plethora of health packages offered – for senior citizens, for women, for diabetic, etc. You can avail any of them. Some of the centres also organise for consultation with a physician, who evaluates the reports and advise/prescribes you future course of action. By the way, breakfast is part of this package as well!

The best part of these health check ups is its quite affordable compared to the stand-alone tests that you might end up doing. The detailed set of reports is either handed over to you the very day or it posted at your residence.

Your body has natural ability of healing any damages, but of course it’s limited. Respect your body…early diagnosis act wonders in improving your quality of life…wear the preventive attitude.

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Author: Deepali Gupta
Deepali is a professional working in the health industry.

Deepali Gupta has written and can be contacted at deepali@techie-buzz.com.

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