Medical History Speaks Louder Than Words
By on July 12th, 2012

A middle aged gentleman believed in fitness. He loved to cover yards running in the early mornings. He never missed participating in marathons. He took care of his diet. He had resorted to no addictions. He would also undergo regular health check-ups. Why was he so health conscious? Because, he had a strong family medical history of cardiac diseases and being well-learned, he was aware that family medical history plays a crucial role in one’s health condition. Considering this, one of the senior physicians, during a routine health check-up, advised this gentleman to undergo Cardiac CT that is CT scan of the heart. Guess what? The scan result showed 90% blockage of one of the arteries! Fortunately, he was well in time and didn’t reach a stage of getting a cardiac arrest. Cardiac CT is another example of a marvel in medical technology. From capturing the heart in 3D to providing the minutest details of every problematic tissue or muscle, it provides early and accurate diagnosis. One of the significant benefits of Cardiac CT is, it has shown positive results even though the patient is ‘asymptomatic’ i.e. shows no symptoms of cardiac complaints, slight chest pain or discomfort whatsoever. It was also observed that these asymptomatic patients either had addictions or a strong family medical history. Subsequently, people who are chain smokers, diabetic, alcoholic, obese or with deaths in family due to cardiac disorder and showing absolutely no symptoms of this disease – it is highly recommended to get a health check-up. In such cases, cardiac CT becomes critical, as it can detect the defect accurately. Moreover, this procedure is non-invasive and is done in less than 10 minutes, thus avoiding unnecessary trauma to the patient. Also, the technology is so advanced that it is no longer required to slow down the heart rate to get accurate results, like in the conventional CT scanning methods. Early diagnosis means early treatment. If the disease is diagnosed earlier, it can be treated by medications rather than angiography, thus making the overall recovery experience faster and less expensive. So our case in point gentleman underwent an angioplasty to open up the 90% blockage and is living a better quality of life. He is still health conscious and has not given up running, because that precisely had helped him to get this far. For him, the family medical history did speak louder than words.

Author: Deepali Gupta
Deepali is a professional working in the health industry.

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