Get Buff Like an Olympian
By on July 27th, 2012

Excitement is swirling around the London 2012 Olympics. The world’s best athletes, like Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps, have assembled in London and the opening ceremonies are just a few hours away. This also means thousands of couch potatoes all over the world will spend countless hours watching via their TVs, smartphones, and PCs. How ironic it seems that while the fittest humans in the world compete, the fattest will be sitting there cheering them on. Well, I have a message for all the couch potatoes out there, “Let this be the moment that inspires you to get buff like an Olympian!”

SparkPeople, which is a fantastic health and fitness website, has created a fun game that you can play right along side the Olympics. Below, you can see a picture that has the game. It is really easy. Tonight, when you’re watching the opening ceremonies, or any Olympic event for that matter, listen for the key words listed on the picture. When you hear the key word, perform the exercise that is listed out to the side. To download a full size printable version of this picture, visit SparkPeople’s “DailySpark” blog.

SparkPeople Olympic Workout

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Obviously, you are not going to go from couch potato straight to Olympian in a few weeks, but you can take the first steps toward getting up and moving your body in the right direction. You might find it can be fun. I will leave you with a video of Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, as he trains with his teammates. He seems to have a pretty happy-go-lucky attitude to training. Just don’t expect that when the real thing starts though.

[Video Link]


Good luck to all the athletes out there and good luck to you as you tackle your fitness goals!

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