The Incredible Fitness Apps for iPod

There are probably thousands of fitness apps available for your iPod. The challenge is choosing the best apps to increase your fitness level. Here are a few incredible fitness apps for your iPod.

If Gym registration costs too much, the iFitness app will provide you with lots of exercises which are explained with text instructions, video clips, and amazing images. You will have the ability to add your exercise and track your performance. This app helps in reaching your goals, such as weight loss, and uses graphs to monitor your progress. It also provides you with specific exercises and programs for any region of your body.

The iTreadmill app helps you to accurately measure the distance, average speed and calories burned while you are running. It can monitor your exercise wherever you go at anytime. There are different parameters that you can customize, such as strike rate and step count. It includes a history table to record all your past walks and runs. In addition, you can even email your history. A screen lock allows you to save power, and the auto pause will engage if you stop moving, while the resume option will start if you start moving again.

If you want to track your food calories, start your diet plan and view nutrition data, Tap & Track app will help you to search for food items in different categories. This app allows you to build your own recipes and select between various exercise programs. You can monitor your progress through Calorie and Weight graphs and get regular reports about your average consumed calories and other nutrition information.

If you are eager to improve your strength, the Hundred Pushups app will provide you with a special training program.This app builds your strength by increasing the number of pushups you can complete, step by step, until you reach a complete 100 by the end of the six weeks.

No one can deny that yoga helps in gaining a stable equilibrium. The Yoga Stretch app works at improving your balance, strength, and flexibility. You don’t need to go to yoga class, since this app provides you with an audio instructor that tells you which yoga positions and poses you should take.

The Fooducate app turns your iPod into scanner. You can scan the bar code of any food product and get all the nutrition details. It allows you to compare different items according to their taste, quality and health.

There are moments that might wish to roll back the clock and rebalance your life. Is it your time to start with fitness apps to improve the quality of life — to find a happy balance between work and social life? Be smart and start setting your fitness goals, because nothing is more important than your health.

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