View Experts Exchange Answers Without Having A Account [Hacks and Mods]

Update: Experts Exchange always displays the accepted solution on the page itself, you just have to keep scrolling to the bottom of the page or press the shortcut key Ctrl + End to view the solution. Thanks to Adam for pointing this out in the comments.

Update #2: Another comment by Nirmal suggests that you can only view the answers if you are visiting the site from Google Search, if you do not see the answer using the above method, copy the URL or title of the EE forum and search for it in Google, click on the EE link to view the answer using the above method, this should work 99.9% of the time.

Experts Exchange is one of the biggest forums on the internet, and many Google search results have links to experts exchange on the first page.

Experts Exchange Google Search Results

However Experts Exchange is not free and you will have to signup and pay to view the answers given by the Experts, this is pretty annoying considering there are several helpful forums out there.

There was a hack to view Experts Exchange answers by using the Google Cache URL for the page, however that trick no longer works anymore and users see a message as shown in the image below while trying to access the page using Google Cache.

Experts Exchange Solution With Google Cache

Visiting the page regularly is of no help too, and you will see a message to register for a free 7 day trial, before you can view the solution to the problem.

Experts Exchange Signup to View Solution

But wait, why are you writing this post then? Well we did get a tip about a service called fuqEE that would allow users to view Experts Exchange answers/solutions for FREE without having to signup with them.

fuqee view experts exchange solution

To view the solution for the Experts Exchange URL, paste it into the text box provided and click on Get solution, fuqEE will then fetch the solution for you and display the accepted solution at the bottom of the page free of cost.

View Experts Exchange Accepted Solution Free

If you want to save yourself some pain while having to get the accepted solution for Experts Exchange, you can download a script which will automatically redirect Experts Exchange URLs to the fuqEE engine.

fuqEE should definitely solve a lot of problems for users how are frustrated at how Expert Exchanges work, but like always would Experts Exchange be able to plug this loophole? Only time can tell that.

fuqEE | Download fuqEE Greasemonkey Script

Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only, we received a tip that told us about this service, we are sharing the same with our readers without the intention to deprive any services.

9 thoughts on “View Experts Exchange Answers Without Having A Account [Hacks and Mods]”

    1. @Adam my bad, I did not check that out, seems like you can see the answer by scrolling to the end of the page, its a user interface created to confuse, have updated the post to state this fact now.

  1. @Adam, @Keith,

    I think not all solutions are shown below. Only solutions which are referred by search engines are shown. If you directly go and search on EE, I think you might not get it. So the work around is get the URL of the solution and then google that URL, and navigate. You get the solution :-)

    This is again based on my exp, I’m not sure whether answers are displayed for all.

  2. One way that may work is to enable private browsing in Firefox. This will make previous cookies disappear and EE will think you are a first time visitor and allow you to see the answer for free.

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