View All Online Friends In GTalk [Hacks n Mods]

Unlike other messenger, GTalk does not show you all the online friends in default view, and users usually have to search for a friend to check if they are online, this feature is pretty much uncalled for and it is better if we can view all the online friends without having to search for them.

 gtalk-default-friend-view   gtalk-view-all-online-friends

If you are annoyed with this feature, here is a simple trick that will help you view all the friends that are currently online or idle in GTalk.

Step 1: Open Gtalk Messenger and click on the view button located at the bottom of the messenger.

Step 2: Uncheck the tick mark next to Show one pageby clicking on it.


Step 3: Once you have completed step 2, it may take a few seconds to display all your friends that are currently online in Gtalk.

Mod tip from Technix Update

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