Get Rid Of Windows Genuine Advantage Notification [Hacks n Mods]

Did you recently upgrade your Windows installation or apply Windows updates just too see a nagging Windows Genuine Advantage nag showing up every time you boot the PC or login to it?

Well if you are one of those users who are fed-up of the nag and want to get rid of it once and for all, Ashfame has a nice step by step tutorial on how you can achieve that.


There are several instructions available online, but most of them don’t work with the new Windows Genuine Advantage Microsoft includes, but Ashish details on how to overcome the problem and what you should do to avoid facing the same problem with future updates.

How To Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Notification [Hack Tip via Ashfame]

5 thoughts on “Get Rid Of Windows Genuine Advantage Notification [Hacks n Mods]”

  1. Thanks for the linkback! The recent one just shows a watermark on the wallpaper just above the system tray and keeps you reminding whenever there is an increase in typing speed (It pops up more when you start typing momentarily).

  2. This stupid ass “windows genuine” pops up every time I open Outlook. I tried the cmd:system32/del wgalogon.dll etc – didn’t work.

    The process isn’t even running in the task manager and I still cant’ delete it out of the system32 folder.

    F@$%ing Mircorsoft!

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