Watch Videos On Megavideo For More Than 72 Minutes

Though there are several popular video sites where you can watch videos for free, many of these sites place restrictions on you watching videos, one such restriction in place is by the popular video sharing network Megavideo.

Megavideo restricts users from watching videos for more than 72 minutes, this in itself does not make sense since if the video is 80 minutes long, you will have to spend an hour before you can watch the final 8 minutes of the video.


The problem can get worse when you are on a shared network, sharing a single IP address that is used by many users. In order to get over this issue there is a simple hack, however we assume that you have a fast internet connection and can wait for sometime before the full video actually downloads.

To get over the 72 minute limit enforced by Megavideo, follow the simple steps given below.

Step 1: Open the video page you want to watch on Megavideo and play the video, after a few seconds of playing, pause the video.

Pausing the video will ensure that the video will keep downloading to your local cache.

Step 2: Wait till the entire video has been downloaded to your cache, this may take some time, so wait till it reaches 100%.

Step 3: This is pretty simple, you can use a video cache viewer tool to extract the video from your browser cache and view it fully without the 72 minute restriction. Of course you will also need a FLV player to watch the video using this method, we have you covered there, take a look at the Free FLV player which should suffice your needs.

Another solution that will work for Megavideo 72 minutes limitation, is to download the entire video to your cache and then switch the browser to work in offline mode, this will ensure that Megavideo does not track your IP address while viewing the video.

The fact that this trick will work is because, videos cannot be played without them being downloaded to user’s local cache, these tricks will help you watch videos from Megavideo without any restrictions.

Have fun watching those movies without distractions or restrictions.

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  • Jan

    just watched 72 minutes of a movie and now it is off…will it come back on after 54 minutes?

  • I was using this trick for a while, pausing it until the grey buffer-bar was finished, but I think somehow they found out people were doing this, and managed to time-out the video regardless of the pause/wait/work offline trick!

    Today I did that, I paused until the whole video was loaded then clicked “file” “work offline” and then proceeded to play it, but about halfway through…it said i had watched 72 minutes of video, and to wait 52 minutes, the white box witht he black and red font we all hate! So I have been searching for other ways , and have tried the whole “tools” “advanced internet settings” “connections” “LAN” changing my Proxies & IP,
    “apply” and make it as if I have manually put in my IP, but that doesnt work either! It shows an ERROR page, when you go to MEGAVIDEO.COM….hope someone can figure out some way around it, im sure someone will! UNTIL then ill keep searching!
    THANKS FOR THA POST THO! Im sure a lot of ppl did that until they caught on and changed it!



    • sandy

      I think this is a ripoff You pay for this stuff and what do You get the same thing as if YoU did not pay..There should be a law against this kind of things even on the internet for people that loses money on this we have tried every thing on this and nothing is helping for the first year every thing was fine and the year of 2011 now you can not watch any thing over 72 mins what is up with that……..
      I even sent e-mails to the company and no reply as of yet ……so if any one out there has any ideas post them PLEASEEEEEEE……..

  • Kati.Pea

    I can't believe you guys haven't figured it out by now. What I do works 100% of the time. You have to spend 5-10 min. searching thru your cookies, but after that you're home free. I use Sidereel to get to Megavideo much of the time. STEP ONE: Before viewing a show on Megavideo, I get to the page the show is on, then I go to Tools –> Internet Options –> Browsing History –> Settings –> View Files. Now you're in the temporary Internet files section. You don't have to delete everything, just this: any cookie that says "megavideo" or "sidereel". One trick cookie is labeled swfobject, another is just labeled "cookie." Others have the *.png file extension. You do have to look at the entire file because often they spread these trackers out via different objects. Anyway, if you delete everything that references Megavideo or Sidereel, I guarantee you can circumvent their system. If for some reason, you missed something and the 72 minutes notice pops up, exit that browser, open a new browser and repeat Step One above. 100% guaranteed to work or my name isn't Kati.Pea!!


  • emily


    I have tried you second option of switching to offline on numerous occasions having streamed a full video. But it still stops it at 72 minutes. How is that? AND if you want to just watch a show that is only 40 minutes it knows to stop you ten minutes before the end. Again = even if you're offline. Any suggestions as megavideo is the only option for many of the things I want to watch.

    Thank you

    • Heya

      This guy is right. It DOES stop at seventy two minutes, EVEN if you clear your cache and disconnect from the internet.

  • I was searching for a method to unblock that 72 minutes. Thnks I will try it.

  • Use firfox addon. Failing that this Works to a degree but the script files have been updated by Megavideo.

    To get this to work now you have to start playing, pause the download and wait for it to buff out. When you have the first 72 mins downloaded, open a new megavid page download the rest of the film and watch it in 2 parts from cache.

  • mac daddy v

    all i do is watch the vid like 50min refresh a whole bunch of times then continue watching dosent say anything to me

  • Clayton.


  • Jocelyn

    every suggestion i have been given on avoiding the time limit so far has been a load of crap. even the work offline tipp was an epic fail. i waited for the video to stream, turned my airport (internet) off and like clockwork after 72 minutes all stopped. DEAR MEGAVIDEO: PLEASE DIE!

  • fuckerupper

    how bout this i got a great idea.. insted of douin all this BS and F**n up ur computer for one single movie.. find other websites that have the movie u want and watch it without a limit

  • joe kickass

    megavideo is really only good for t.v. shows. If you are looking for a site that has full movies in good quality, look up stagevu. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with internet speeds 7mbps or less. You have to download DivX but in my opinion it’s the best site ever.

  • Charlotte

    I use megavideo for TV shows, before I start a show I’ll go to (my routers address.. you can find yours on google) and click reset :)

  • A Random Dude

    Didn’t work for me man…this is B.S.

  • irfan


    u are all sharing the great things
    but mega video are not fools

    i wana down load 2 hour movie
    fire fox starts burrering the video
    and at 52 mints or 72
    its band is full and cache stops

    i use many soft wares
    after coping some amount of movie
    it says server was Reset
    and u should start it from begining
    every time the same problem

    if i try to down load second half part by cache or some other software
    the flv file is corroupted
    VLC only plays that file but no video
    only fast audio

    i need help

  • Anthony

    This will work I suppose but I have, on two seperate days had the video stopped well before the end of an hour with the irratating “You have watched 72 mins of Video today etc etc etc. I have tried to watch one episode (less than one hour) per day only to be confronted with this annoying block. How do I manage to download to cache in the first place. Clearly there’s somehing wrong

  • DaDave

    LISTEN TO THIS…….Megavideo counts the time from the AMOUNT you have downloaded it. NOT Weather you decided to watch it. Use a Free program LIKE “Hotspot Shield Launch” to change your ip temporarily……EVERY time you disable and enable this you are assigned with a new IP…..the IP’s are usually American SOOOOO that means that you can go on American sites!!!!! AND watch Videos that only people in USA can watch….

  • Demien

    oh please guys this is not hacking
    go to
    download the application, watch megavideo with no limits!

    • Demien

      Please end this conversation its so silly to delete all that shyt
      here you have FLV player online, Legit 100%
      there is no fukin need of chatting so much bullshit
      have fun and throw feedback

  • zozo

    Download cacaoweb. Thats all thats needed! no limit at all

  • Dude

    I got an even simpler method… change the site prefix “megavideo” to “megaupload” and download the movie as a whole and watch it in its native format..

    For example

    1. I want to watch this movie link without the 72 min restriction

    2. So I change the “megavideo” to “megaupload” to download the full movie / video ->

    3. Download the movie and watch it at your comfort!

  • just use a site called megaskiper

    works for me

  • Dinga

    awesome dude, I luv u lot, you gave my life back as the megavideo stopped at very critical and importent time. With your Idea now I could watch non-stop. u live longer dude.

  • jeffspirit

    Megavideo I think now times out per IP address. Still though go into files in your computer, the temp places, all of them. Be careful but delete all temp files associated with browser, computer, caches using URL associated address. This still works for me, I can go back and watch the rest of the same movie using the Megavideo ID code, I bring it up alone online, not using a player or host per address/domain. Sometimes I’ll have to restart my computer after that, the ROM/RAM unload will wipeout the rest. It’s still working for me, has been for some time, I know sometime to future this will be figured out but I don’t know how they’ll get around it since it’s temp files anyway. It’s just folks not knowing their computers, how to delete out the cookies, lock-out cookie packets, etc.

  • can;t what