Bypass MegaUpload Wait Times [Works 100%]

The most annoying thing about file sharing networks like MegaUpload is the wait time they imply upon users, before they can actually download the file, this can get pretty annoying if you download a lot of files everyday.

MegaUpload is a very popular file sharing network that implies this wait time for free users, before the download actual begins.

However there is a script for that is the shortest and lightest MegaUpload instant download script you will ever come across.


The MegaUpload Instant Download script instantly bypasses the wait time and begins the download immediately, without the need to wait for the mandatory 45 seconds, you can see the above screenshot to see the script in action.

If you are looking for a tool to bypass wait times in other file sharing networks you can try out a to bypass wait time in MegaUpload, Rapidshare, DepositFiles and more.

Download MegaUpload Instant Download Userscript

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