How To Send Direct Messages In Twitter To People Who Don’t Follow You? [Hacks And Mods]

Twitter does not allow users to send direct messages to people who do not follow you, though that may act as a deterrent to stop spamming, direct messages are much more better than sending a message via a reply.

Tech Spikes has a nice hack that will allow you to send a direct message to people who do not follow you in twitter.

To send a DM to a non-follower in Twitter, you have to derivetheir DM URL to create a DM message. Here’s the syntax

Replace the twitterusername with the twitter id of the person to whom you wish to send the DM and you can send a direct message to a user without them following you.

Hack Tip From Tech Spikes

Update: This trick might no longer work

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  • Marburg

    Just tried it an it worked as intended

  • selen

    am selen my twitter selen11

  • MKZA

    This no longer works, Twitter obviously found out and now blocked it. Just like Facebook, Twitter will eventually become utterly useless DISABLEWARE !!!

  • hahahhaa….
    It doesn’t work;
    you should delete your post now

  • i knw this was a bug long ago .. but they have fixed it now …

  • still works now, thanx for share :)