Add GTalk To Opera Sidebar [Hacks n Mods]

It is pretty much easy to add GTalk to the sidebar in , but if you are a user there are no widgets available to do that currently.


The WongSK blog has a excellent tutorial that will help you add GTalk to the sidebar panel in Opera. To add GTalk to the Opera sidebar, follow the simple instructions below.

    1. Enable Panel view in the Sidebar, you can do this by click the tools icon in the left hand side corner of the browser.
    2. Right click the panel and click customize.
    3. Click on the Add Web Panelbutton.
    4. Give the panel a name and add the GTalk gadget URL ( as the address and click on Ok button.

Once you have followed these steps, a new icon will be displayed in the panel, clicking on the new icon should display GTalk in Opera sidebar.

Mods Tip From WongSK Blog

2 thoughts on “Add GTalk To Opera Sidebar [Hacks n Mods]”

  1. Hi, the sidebar is very good, but there is one problem – the sidebar is flash-based and when someone send you a link or some text, you can't copy it.

    Is there any other way to have the Gtalk side bar addition without being a flash?

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