Change Windows Vista Product Key

Quite sometime back we had told you about several tools that would help you change Windows and Microsoft office product keys, however we have not tested the same out with .

If you are a Windows Vista user, has written about a tip that will help you change the product key for Windows Vista.

The tip is simple and requires you to visit the Control panel to change the product key.

  • Type System in Search Box ( or Go to Control > System ).  Double click icon which says System.
  • Now scroll till end and you would see a section which says Windows Activation.
  • Here you get a complete status if your windows is Activated and your Vista Key.
  • Right next to is it Windows Change product key link.
  • Just click and you will get a text box where you can add your own key.

So that’s how you can change the product key for Windows Vista. Hack and Mod tip from Technospot.

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