Another Way To Bypass Megavideo Time Limit 72 Minutes

We have written several articles in the past to bypass Megavideo time limit to get over the Megavideo 72 minute restriction. However, it looks like several of those software and tricks do not work any more.

Megavideo 72 minute restriction

I just came across another way to bypass the Megavideo time limit 72 minute restriction which I tested and found to work. The new fix is in the form of Mega Skipper ( which allows users to watch videos in Megavideo without any time restrictions.

The Mega Skipper trick currently works only in . In order to bypass Megavideo time limit restrictions you will have to first download a , which can be installed from here.

Once the extension is installed, you will see a new icon in the Chrome toolbar, this icon will change color whenever you watch a Megavideo video. To bypass the message, "You have watched 72 minutes of video today" just click on the extension icon to open the video in a new page.

If you do not have Google Chrome installed, you can easily bypass the 72 minute restrictions in Megavideo by going to and entering the video ID of the Megavideo video.

You can also use a site called to bypass this limit. It has a extension which can be used to bypass the megavideo limit when you are watching a video.

I tested this script out and it seemed to work for me without issues so you should be able to bypass the Megavideo time limit without any problems. Do let me know if you find any other solution to skip the Megavideo 72 minute time restrictions.

P.S. You might be bombarded with a few ads on the site, but eventually you are getting to watch the full video without having to go to those restrictions Smile.

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  • Micheal Jones

    Well, it seems there is NO hack in existence to bypass the megavideo 72 minutes popup, ACTUALLY, they have means of testing for ALL proxies and changes of IP addresses, which means it IS impossible to bypass that popup.

    So! either wait the 30 minutes then refresh and move the time slider of the player to somewhere near to where it stopped,,, OR!!!!! pay a subscription.

    ANYONE that says it can be done IS A COMPLETE LIAR!!!!!!!!!

    AND I can prove that it CAN’T be done.

    I have spent 3 weeks trying, using the cookie blocking techniques, addons to firefox, external downloaders, external sites that SAY they can bypass the popup, but they CAN’T!!!!!, proxies, and even Tor,,,,NOTHING can bypass the megavideo 72 minute popup.


    • jeffspirit

      I don’t know for sure what’s working, but for the longest time have been going into computer, all the temp files, and I mean all! For example a Vista system can have up to ten different temp file associations to the browser, that data is placed from Megavideo in one of them. Find them all and delete out all data there. Leave an empty folder though, if the whole folder is deleted, computer/browser may get confused going looking for it.

      This has been working now for forever with me, not just with Megavideo. Sometimes I’ll have to restart my computer to local wipe/unload the RAM/ROM new to start-up which wipes the drive again new to local cookies, blank sort of for local temp storage.

      Now my computer I use only for use like a radio, TV, record player set-up, not used for anything else. This thing dates from the mid 2000’s, still works, it’s getting up there, but manage it to run it to watch movies, shows, whatever. The technique works what I said. Never has failed yet.

      Not sure of what/where/how, meaning exactly where the browser associates the cookie always, what file, doesn’t matter, delete all data from temp files, re-boot, keep watching movie. Been doin’ that for god knows how long, works towards Megavideo and others which time out to IP address or bandwidth limiters.

      Maybe try that. Any temp file can be deleted that I know of, cause the system just uses them for short storage, will re-create that data as needed.

    • josh

      it just worked for me dumbass

  • Alaina

    I used cacaoweb for a long time and it worked for me, but then my antivirus said that the program contained a trojan so i got rid of it. I looked it up on the internet and some said it didn’t actually have a virus and some said it did, I don’t use it anymore just to be safe, but it did work.

  • There is too a way around it ,I’ve just used it tonight. No liar here Mr Jones I downloaded Network Meter which is FREE, from ..

    This 2 in 1 Network Meter (Wireless Network Meter and Wired Network Meter) will show you SSID, signal quality, IP address, External IP address, IP lookup with google maps, Speed test, upload speed, download speed, total of usage, whether your connection is secure or not secure and size adjustable.

    Yeee haw! no more CMD prompt typing IPConfig .

    PLUS as an added bonus it lets you GET PAST the Mega video’s time limit. Just refresh an wha la!

    As it resets your IP just click “Refresh IP” and go back to the last place you were viewing.

  • MGsimo

    The only way to bypass megavideo time limit is using a transload service, like this one

  • Rusty Shackleford

    CACAOWEB IS A SCAM! Do NOT use it!
    CACAOWEB IS A SCAM! Do NOT use it!
    CACAOWEB IS A SCAM! Do NOT use it!

    Megaskipper still works fine with videobb videos, but it seldom works with megavideos (I’m not sure about the other site, what’s it called, videozer or something.). is also a good way to bypass videobb videos, and is more reliable than megaskipper at times, although it nevertheless has trouble functioning with megavideos, and it won’t allow you to jump to different parts of the video, even when fully buffered.

    But to reiterate,

    If you don’t believe me, try installing it and check for yourself, but don’t blame me when you find that it doesn’t work, you can’t uninstall it, and it’s making a number of sketchy connections.

    • actually cacaoweb isnt scam a scam it only requires a registration from there site and a firefox 4 below and thats it you can watch the video.

  • megaskipper was the best but stopped working :/ and the cacaoweb doesn’t work.

  • try it’s vest for bypass times limits of multipal video host like mixturevideo purevid etc…