View Power Point and TIFF Files In Gmail

A couple of months ago, PDF viewer was integrated into Gmail. Now the same viewer has been upgraded to support PPT (PowerPoint) presentations and TIFF (Tagged Image File Format – which are sometimes multi-page and you were able to see only the first page in the previous setup) with in the browser.

This means that there is no need to download the files to your desktop, no additional software required (a benefit bestowed for those who use public / others PC when on the move), to view the content. You can go through the content of the files, in the same browser and later download if it is necessary (such a saver from all those forwarded PPT’s, which you normally skim through and delete immediately!!).

The old “View as slideshow” technology is integrated into the ‘viewer’ which significantly increases both – the user experience and productivity.


Some of the useful functionality of this new feature are :

  • Zoom in and Zoom (with the help of the + / – sign in the right sidebar),
  • Use the arrow buttons (in the right side bar), to navigate to the slide/s or alternatively you can use the slide bar and select any particular slide.
  • You can copy content directly from the slides and save it on your system ,
  • You can search the slides using the ‘Search‘ feature in the right side bar,
  • Download the documents or Print them or view them as plain HTML
  • You can edit the documents online, and this is integrated with your account. After editing, you can select “Share and close” option and the edited document will be saved in your Google docs account. You can download it from your account, whenever you need it.

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