Make Your Gmail Look Snazzier With Gmail Redesigned

Gmail has been a powerhouse for me and made my life simpler in managing emails and responding to clients, using keyboard shortcuts for quick access, starring important emails and tons and tons of more features.

Gmail has really revolutionalized the way people look at email first with providing users with enormous amounts of email storage space and bringing AJAX to mainstream. With these and many more features they made the Inbox a much better place.

The one thing that lacks with Gmail though is no support for skins and templates. Gmail has sported the same look from the day it has launched with little improvements in them. Not that I am complaining but there are tons of users who do not like the plain old interface.

So if you are looking to make Gmail look more snazzier here is a template which you can use to get rid of the plain old look, take a look at the screenshot below to see what this small trick will transform your Gmail look to.


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