Gmail Glitch Makes It Slow For “a small subset” of Users

Gmail When Gmail burst onto the scene, it garnered universal acclaim for its speed. Over the years, Gmail has continued growing and innovating. However, this growth seems to have come at a cost.

If Gmail is agonizingly slow for you, you aren’t the only one. In the words of Gabriel Weinberg, founder of Duck Duck Go, “It can take 20sec to switch labels, and even longer to search for something. But here’s the worst part–it takes just as long to send a simple message!?!”.

Fortunately for Weinberg, his blog post got noticed by a Googler. Not only did Google fix his problem, but also acknowledged that several other users may be affected by the same issue. Here is a snippet from Google’s response:

The team is still looking into your account slowness, but it initially appears that the problem is isolated to a small subset of Gmail users…They are still investigating the root cause of the slowness but in the meantime have moved your account to a different set of servers, which should help.

This isn’t the first time that Google has acknowledged this problem. Google had admitted that Gmail was sluggish and had promised to fix it back in March. While it’s nice that they reached out to Weinberg, one has to wonder what is taking Google so long. Meanwhile, if you are experiencing sluggishness, you can try some measures like deleting data from Gmail (email, labels, contacts etc.) and disabling Gmail Labs.

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  • Tiffany

    My account is going extremely slow as well now out the blue. It's really upsetting!

  • Mike

    This is affecting me too – quite frustrating and making Gmail virtually unusable. I hope Google hasn't decided to coast on their laurels because they (otherwise) have the best webmail out there.

  • Jacob

    Yup, it's July and I'm still having this problem. I'm thinking of just switching to another email provider already.

  • Mark

    My Gmail account has also been extremely slow for the past month.

    • Not only am I having problems with Gmail – the editor is slow/laggy which makes it virtually impossible to use for a fast touch typist – it's particularly bad with Google's browser, Chrome.

      Many people are having similar problems – see this thread for example – so far I've seen no responses at all from Google staff.

      I've tried every possible solution suggested – the only one that works is to revert to the older version, which is less than ideal.

  • Update – I've fixed it, for now at least! After digging around some more I wondered whether the problem was due to the large volume of mail in my main account (I'm using 37% of my 7.4Gbytes). Logged onto another account – with very little email in it – and it was quicker, but I then activated the desktop theme which I'm using in my main account. This slowed the editor right down again. Returned to my main account and reverted to the classic theme and the editor is now fine Will report back here if the problem returns.