Gmail Labs Introduces Voice and Video Chat

Over the past month has introduced several new features in Gmail Labs, their playground for testing useful and interesting features. The new features include Sending SMS from Gmail, ,  ability to add Custom Gadgets to Gmail, Stop yourself from sending emails on a heavy drinking weekend, get a reminder if you forgot to attach a file, get more control over your IMAP account among other things including emoticons and canned responses.

Well they just do not stop do they, this time they have rolled out a new feature that will help you voice and video chat from within Gmail.

Unlike other Gmail Labs features you do not need to activate the voice and video chat feature in Gmail. The new features is only available for Windows XP and users and users will have to download a browser plugin before they can start using the voice and video chat feature.


Watch Voice and Video Chat in Action @Gmail

All the new features is definitely increases the usefulness of Gmail making it one of the best free email services available today. However is isolating Gtalk the desktop version of chat and hasn’t added any new features to it for quite some time.

What are your thoughts about the new features in Gmail? Does it make it more and more attractive to use now?

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