Worms Reloaded Gets its Steam Community. No Beta in Sight, Though

Remember that old news story about Worms: Reloaded? Team17 have started a Steam community for the game with no beta in sight. My guess is that the company is trying to build up enough anticipation for the game that when it does release, crazed quantities of buying via Steam will comfortably carry them onward for a healthy profit.


That last statement comes as a direct result of this:


Posted in the Facebook page of Team17, this poll suggests a very high probability (hint, hint) of new screenshots that will be up in the page. Techie Buzz will post as soon as it has confirmation on this matter. (Read: When Team17 does post a few screenshots)

The developer’s other game Alien Breed: Impact also has its community page on Steam before launch or even a beta. Curious.

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