Wolfire Games’ New Overgrowth Video Is Unexpectedly Creepy

Overgrowth is the full-fledged video game from Wolfire Games that is currently under development. As a successor to their earlier release Lugaru (which was marketed as a Shareware, rather than an entire game) features anthropomorphic rabbits who are resident Fight Club fans. In other words there are rabbits that fight other rabbits and wolves. What kind of fights you ask? The bloody, brawny barroom brawl kind.

The emphasis on bloodyis not mine it’s theirs. With their new update, Wolfire Games has added realistic blood effects on all the characters of Overgrowth. By realistic effects, we mean the artery severed and gushing, spraying blood like a fountain on the environments around while the character prances about as if nothing happens and occasionally jumps up in the air with utter joykind of realistic.

See the video here, and decide for yourself. It’s not as graphic as I make it out to seem, but it’s getting there… (see what I did there? No? Okay.)

With their developer diaries being keenly followed by expectant fans and quite a few of them converting to a pre-order, the game seems to be on the right path to commercial success. Incidentally, Wolfire Games is the brain behind the original Humble Indie Bundle and Lugaru was one of the games introduced in the first bundle.

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