WCG India Will be Organized After All

Two dedicated Indian gaming event management specialists will be vying for the post of WCG India organizer this year. With the exit of Indiagames, Xtreme Gaming and Re-Inforcement have voiced their openness to organize WCG in India. This is consolidated by the fact that both of these companies have organized several gaming events in the past.


Gamebashing reports that after a quick question to speakers from both companies, it is likely that either of the companies would like to take over this huge e-sports event and keep the fire of competitive gaming burning in India. However, it seems that Xtreme Gaming will be the one organizing WCG as Re-Inforcement has taken over the organization of the ESWC this year.

The question of ICM’s support still lingers in the air as it has not made any contact with these managers as yet. Nevertheless with enough funding, gamers from India stand a chance to visit Los Angeles for the finals of this year’s WCG. Thank you and a thousand good wishes to either of you, Xtreme Gaming and Re-Inforcement!

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  • Vaish

    when will the preliminary round be held, the webiste doesn't provide any details. And does India send teams in Starcracft and Warcraft categories?