Watch Microsoft Kinect in Action – New Videos

Yesterday’s Project Natal extragavanza was a camera free event. So, baring a few shaky YouTube videos, most of the world is still waiting for a glimpse of some of the Kinect goodness that Microsoft unleashed in their launch party. Fortunately for us, IGN has managed to get their hands on the trailers of some of the games and features demonstrated yesterday.

We have already covered Microsoft Kinect (previously Project Natal) extensively. Check out our previous coverage, if you feel the need to catch up on all the buzz surrounding Microsoft’s new controller-free gaming experience.

Kinect Adventures

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Dance Central

Video Controls

Last year, Microsoft showed us what it envisioned the future of gaming (or at least casual gaming) to be, and left us floored. Now that the Kinect is here, does it live up to the expectations? Check out the official gameplay videos and decide for yourself, but color me impressed. Sure, I would still prefer a gamepad for hardcore gaming, but Kinect does look to be genuinely fun. It definitely looks a lot more impressive than PS3 Move and is at the very least capable of stealing Nintendo Wii’s thunder.

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