Vision Gaming Engine of Trinigy to Support the NGP

A geek’s wet dreams are made of these. Trinigy’s Vision Game Engine will be supporting the Next Generation Portable (NGP) console of Sony. The second in the PlayStation Portable series from Sony will have the hardware specifications that are at par with the home console from Sony, the PlayStation 3. This is great news for gamers as the Vision Game Engine is quite the pretty-looking thing and is well built for different kinds of games.


The NGP will be all about graphics and new era games with its rear touch screen. Implemented well, the games would be brilliant to watch and extremely intuitive to play. Said Dag Frommhold, managing director at Trinigy:-

SCE is known for producing powerful computer entertainment systems and handheld entertainment systems capable of delivering rich gaming experiences and eye-popping graphics. With support for NGP, the Vision Game Engine gives developers a flexible, full-featured solution for speeding the creation of graphically superior, high-performance casual and hard-core gamesfor portable entertainment systems.


The main features of the engine for the NGP are [from the press release]:-

  • Optimized character skinning system for NGP allows for efficient rendering of detailed characters with very high polygon and bone counts.
  • Full support for cross-platform and platform-specific texture formats offers a straight forward workflow and easy porting of existing content, while providing high-loading performance and platform-specific content optimizations, where required.
  • Multithreading system takes full advantage of NGP’s CPU cores for animations, mesh deformation, particle simulation, physics, visibility determination, and more.
  • Highly efficient rendering Efficient rendering system minimizes CPU load.
  • Optimized shader/shader constant handling includes full cross-platform compatibility.
  • Comprehensive support for NGP’s user interfaceincludes multi-touch as well as support for dual analog sticks.
  • Fully featured graphics technology includes normal/parallax maps, specular maps, dynamic lighting, post-processing effects and more.

Let’s hope we get to see a lot of Arcania on the PSP2!

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