Two Perfect One-Button Time Wasters

Flash games are the perfect way to waste your precious time. There are various reasons as to why that is so, namely:-

  • They are tiny, and they load within minutes(barring a few exceptions).
  • The controls are very easy to figure out.
  • They have a huge variety.
  • They are absolutely, without fail, FUN!

Now that the causalities of Flash games being fun is done with, how about a flash game that has a single button as the controlling element? Let’s make that two. Presenting two one-button games that will leave you wondering where the last one hour (or two) went off two to!

One Button Bob

Introducing One Button Bob, and his pixelated adventures. In The Adventures of One Button Bob, Bob jumps, throws boomerangs at bats, stops and runs with a single click of your mouse. You might be wondering how he does all that with a single button? The answer: not simultaneously. The mouse click’s behavior changes each level, and eventually you will have to fight a boss.

Die Bat!

How many clicks will it take you?


The second single-button shilly-shally software is G-Switch is a single concept taken to the extreme. You control a futuristic runner through a series of platforms. Sounds simple? Well, instead of jumping over platforms, you get to switch gravity. Here are a couple of screenshots that will make you understand better:-


Here is when the runner is running on the flatbed Newton’s apple kind of gravity.


And here is when you click the mouse and the gravity switches. And you keep doing this if you want to stay alive. Causes of death: the moving screen engulfs you or you drop into nothingness.

So, when you are waiting for something, or you just want to waste time, fear not for these games will come to your rescue!

Just so you know, I solely blame Digg for this.

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