Total Annihilation on Impulse for $9.99

When Cavedog Entertainment created Total Annihilation in 1997, little did they know that they will be paving the way for games such as Supreme Commander, the development of the Spring engine and the entire 3D strategy genre altogether. Yes, Atari’s Total Annihilation was the first 3D top-down strategy game and runs fine in any resolution even now. The best thing about the Impulse release is that they will be releasing the game, the Core Contingency expansion and will be adding support for the multiplayer aspect as well as incorporating Impulse Reactor and other fan-made releases into the official release. The following line from Stardock pretty much sums it up.

In other words, we’re treating Total Annihilation similarly to a newly released title with ongoing updates wherever possible.


The graphics are an eyesore but it does not matter if you really like the genre. The community for this really old game is still going strong with fan-made mods and additions. The Spring engine was a spin-off open source engine powering a great number of Total Annihilation mods and a few non-TA games as well.


You can grab Total Annihilation on Impulse for $9.99 and get in on the action immediately. if you are still unsure, you can download the demo and play it. Get ready to experience total warfare!

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