Torchlight Review

A cartoony Diablois how you can best describe Torchlight, the digital-distribution only action-RPG (Role Playing Game) from Runic Games. Another way to describe this $19.95 title is Buy it, you will not regret it!.

The Torchlight Load Screen including tips

Coming from a die-hard Diablo fan it isn’t hard to see why this almost-clone of the games (the second for the most part) is so well received. Everything from the title screen, to the inventory to the actual experience is very similar (and in some cases almost the same) as Diablo II. To understand this a bit more, I have broken this review down into short segments and loads of screenshots (with alternate text so that you can hover your mouse and understand the screenie better!)

Syl, my Vanquisher. Try not to stare too much at her chest!


Before clicking on the start game button, you must (as in all RPGs) create a character.Torchlight is no different it gives you three premade characters known as Hero Classesand I have tried to fit them in with their closest cousinsfrom the Diablo universe:-

The Destroyer a Barbarian/Paladin hybrid. Brute force with weapons and not brute defense against other weapons. Not much else!

The Destroyer

The Vanquisher an Amazon/Rogue hybrid, capable of dealing damage from afar as a ranged weapons specialist or up close and personal as an assassin.

The Vanquisher

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