Top 5 Tower Defense Games

Everybody likes tower defense. The games are insanely addictive. Just yesterday, Keith asked me to review a few of these games, including his personal favorite Bloons. He linked me to the game, and what was supposed to be yesterday’s review was postponed to today because I could not stop playing that game.

It’s fun, it’s addictive and it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Tower Defense genre’ (because strategyis too loose a term to describe these games). All of these games have a common gameplay scheme a wave of enemies come from one or more entry points, and they must be killed before they can reach the exit. This genre is so popular that in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, there was a secret tower defense game during the campaign! Presented below are the top 5 tower defense games in my opinion.

  1. Bloons Tower Defense 3: Monkeys bursting balloons (bloons). In its entirety, that is the game and it is highly addictive. This sequel to the immensely popular Bloons is outstanding in its simplicity and complex in its strategy. There are quite a few units to choose from, while the interface is very easy to get used to. Be warned this game is very addictive!
  2. Vector TD X: Possibly the most polished of all Tower Defense games, this tower defense game looks and plays smoothly. With line vector graphics, and a high-tech SF look, this game is a treat on the eyes and is also super-fun to play!
  3. Random Tower Defence [sic]: This is one tower defense game where the design has taken a backseat to complete ridiculousness. You will have to defeat opponents that range from being simple brown spheres to luscious lips to even Agent Smith. All of these are simple pictures, and though this game offers nothing more than usual in terms of tower defense, it will offer a few laughs when it comes to playing it.
  4. FlashCraft: A game that is unique in the fact that the towers can take damage and be destroyed. This game mimics Warcraft III in both the main screen and the design of the towers and units. Great fun to play, but a tad bit difficult.
  5. Protector: An attempt to marry RPGs and TDs, this game does not have towers it has wizards and soldiers that can be leveled up by choosing two different paths. This game is well designed and well balanced so you will have a challenging time defending the path!

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