Top 3 Shooting Games for the PSP

Let’s face it you are not going to grind at hours on end on your Sony PlayStation Portable with an RPG in those short 20 minute commutes to your school/college/work. Neither are you going to use your brain too much and devise the best strategy in a game. Most of you who fall under this category love action games, specifically games that allow you to use the biggest and the meanest guns to take down hordes upon hordes of your enemies. Yes, we all love shooters. However, when playing on a console with just one analog stick, things can become tough at times. Fear not, however for there are quite a few awesome games for the PSP that overcome its control impediments and truly shine. Listed below are the top three shooting games for the PSP a short list that should be on any gamer’s library

Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow


If there is a shooting game that can be praised solely for its story and the complexity thereof, Logan’s Shadow would be one of the top contenders. Flawlessly developed by Sony Bend, along with the previous game (Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror), it features extensive graphics not thought possible on the tiny console as well as a richly detailed storyline complete with many twists and turns. Logan’s Shadow also comes complete with multiplayer options that are varied and improved modes such as Retrieval (similar to Capture the Flag) and Sabotage. This game is a must buy for any PSP fan whatever his or her choice in genres may be.

Killzone: Liberation


For PS2 fans, Killzone was a hit First Person Shooter (FPS) that defined why they stayed up late staring at their TV screens night after night. In this PSP console, you play Templar, the hero from the first game and this is one of those few games that is reason enough to own the PSP. Though sometimes not as detailed as the first game, Liberation is a fun game to play on the road, with short bursts of gameplay being the most common in every level. Developed by the same people who did the original, Guerilla Games, this title is nothing short of kick-ass.

Resistance: Retribution


The hit franchise based on Sony’s PlayStation 3 home console came to the handheld console and within weeks of its release, blew away most of its competition. Yes, Resistance: Retribution, with its great story, amazing graphics, loads of unlockables, killer multiplayer and PS3 connectivity is nothing short of awesome. Set in an alternate history storyline, you fight monsters, humans and aliens with detailed weaponry. Developed by the acclaimed Sony Bend studios (the same people who gave us the Syphon Filter games), this is a great addition for the Resistance series fans as well as action game junkies.

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