Top 3 Racing Games for the PSP

If there is one genre that all gamers have played at one point or another, it is racing. From stalwarts of the genre like Need for Speed to quirky titles like Re-volt from Acclaim, the PC has seen it all. However, how many know about the best racing games on Sony’s PlayStation Portable handheld console? Here is a short list of all the best racing action that we have seen (or will be seeing!) on the PSP. Here’s a short list of the best racing games on the handheld.

WipEout Pulse

WipEout PulseDoes futuristic racing action catch your eye more than anything? Then you must be a sure-fire fan of the WipEout series. With a long tradition of anti-gravity racing action and a history for each and every team that you play with, along with eye-popping graphics and stunning extensibility, the last installment of the WipEout series is definitely one of the best racing games on the PSP. Featuring electronic music (and the ability to add your own playlist to the background music), high-speed racing action with weapons and extensive multiplayer, this was slated to be a hit with fans, but became far, far more.

Ridge Racer

Ridge Racer Namco has a long history of showcasing Sony’s gaming console’s power with their Ridge Racer series. Both the PSOne and the PS2 have had their share of Ridge Racer that has shared a mixed relationship with the general gaming public. However, with their new Ridge Racer, Namco have outdone themselves by tweaking the PSP to its limit with a classy 80’s racing simulation with gorgeous visuals and highly addictive gameplay. If you want a great racing game on your PSP, this is it!

Burnout Dominator

Burnout Dominator Arcade racing definitely means Burnout. What with the focus on crazed driving around cities with infinite Burnoutboosts and multipliers, fans of the series professed addiction solely because of the amount of insanely fun driving that you can do around the world. Technically impressive and very, very high on the funquotient, the Burnout Dominator is a great racing game for your PSP.

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