Toki Tori Available for $2.45 on Steam

The adorable little platformer Toki Tori is now available on Steam for an unprecedented 50% off. The original price was $4.99, but Steam decided that the price would not make many users buy it. Why this unique blend of platforming and puzzle was not known to many people is a mystery, for the indie game is brilliant and worth every bit of the money you spend on it. This sale is only for a limited time and only on Steam.


In Toki Tori, players will have to fetch an egg in every level that is richly created in HD graphics. The twist in this seemingly innocuous game description introduces the puzzle genre; players will have to use a variety of tools to achieve the goal of fetching the egg. With names such as Freeze-o-matic and Telewarp, one can only guess at how unique the game would be!

TokiTori screen

With 80 levels spread across 4 worlds, this game will keep anyone occupied for hours. With sales such as these, Steam is definitely promoting the indie game scene and also letting gamers know about the wonderful world of indie gaming. Do spend that little amount to help the developers and have a go at a fresh gaming experience! Buy Toki Tori on Steam now!

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