The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Has Gone Gold

Alright slight disclaimer here, but the post that follows might have the tone of giddy as a schoolboythat you have heard from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. That is mostly because The Witcher was one of my favorite games of all time. With its non-linear storyline, excellent character progression and a unique experience not seen often in Role Playing Games it struck a chord with my Excellence-O-Meter and has forever remained as one of the pinnacles of modern video gaming.


CD Projekt RED reports that the much expected sequel, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has gone gold. In video game industry parlance, this means that the game has finished Quality Assurance testing and the last round of bug fixing, and is in production now for retail and digital release. This means, that Geralt of Rivia will grace our computer screens on time on the 17th of May.

Preorders for the game online will start on the 10th of May on both as well as the other reputed digital distributors. On, a lot of special goodies are available for anyone who preorders the game (without actually paying yet). The AAA title will not have any kind of Digital Rights Management (DRM) on GOG a first for its kind in recent times.

In a time where most high-end titles are beset with postponement and QA woes, CD Projekt RED have gone and outdone themselves by announcing that the game will be released on time, and will be available DRM-free for those who want it that way. Additionally they are doing this without taking the unnecessary route of Downloadable Content (DLC) as a way to further the story and make more money in that process. Kudos to you!

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  • Aniruddh

    The witcher does infact have a linear storyline but that is probably because of the bioware engine that can only do so much. I’m not too sure that the second game would be more of an open world\sandbox game but even if it’s linear I’ve only heard good things about it.

    P.S I picked up my copy of the Witcher EE in Dubai for a paltry 27dhs but my chances of getting the second one seem bleak for now unless of course they release it here in India for the usual price of a thousand bucks

    • Uh, it does not have a linear storyline. Whatever you do throughout the game affects what happens much later. Try playing the game again but doing everything differently – it’s a pretty new experience. (Starting with the first fight itself – either fight the monster with the other witchers, or go with Triss to help stop the theft of the alchemical equipment – the results of either decision changes the course of the game about two hours in)

      It’s not in any way linear. Linear would be a game like Overlord.

      • Aniruddh

        Sorry for being awfully late on the reply. I guess you misunderstood what I meant, a linear game would be one that is not ‘open-world’ or ‘sandbox’ in nature. Agreed that The Witcher does have a consequence based system of panning the story out but the game in itself has a definite beginning and a fixed end making the storyline linear along with the level design. Most games that do come out are linear in a certain way and anything that has a story needs to be linear, no. of beginnings and ends notwithstanding.
        Apart from simulations and sports games there wouldn’t be too many examples of non-linear games because even so called non-linear games such as GTA4 and Oblivion are only examples of a linear story based in an openworld setting.