The Real DOOM on a Real Calculator

The Real DOOM on a Real Calculator

One of the pleasuresof life (and using a calculator in class) is spelling typing out 5318008 on the calculator and sniggering loudly. There were limited applications of the alphabetthat a calculator gave us, and we were content with this. However, the admin of a Texas Instruments graphing calculator mod site (read: bunch of awesome nerds) actually went up and programmed his calculator to run nDOOM (a port of the game, not a clone). That’s right, his basic computing handheld also manages to run an amazing 90’s first person shooter.

When I saw the comic above on Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (SMBC), I [after suitable guffaws] remarked on the veracity of the comic. Every gadget with a screen and some amount of kernel access eventually gets DOOM. DOOM is the landmark 1993 first person shooter that pretty much made sure the entire world knew what First Person Shootermeant. It also is extremely popular with the modding fraternity because of its easily used WAD data archive files. The porting of a DOOM WAD file is eventually established so easily that if you have a relatively modern smartphone, chances are that you might be able to play the game on it. But never on a calculator. This is sheer awesomeness.

However, some odd glitch makes his TI-NSpire calculator crash after 30 seconds. But think about it, thirty seconds of sheer nerdgasm. Who wouldn’t want that? Video follows.

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