The Pains Of Being A Gamer — A 2012 Edition

We all remember that game in our childhood which stole our hearts and made us wait 12 years for its next iteration. That game which, despite its few flaws, we would play for hours and hours, again and again because it was simply the most legendary RPG of its time. Yes I’m talking about Diablo II, what else? After over a decade of waiting, lovers of RPG can now lay their hands on Diablo III, which is poised to become THE most epic game ever once players have a chance to lay their hands on it.
Barely a day after the massive worldwide launch, people are disappointed. People are upset. Blizzard’s servers are unable to handle the load of users logging on to authenticate the game, resulting in a massive outrage all over the Internet. Diablo III requires an “always-on” connection even in single player mode, irking those who have an internet connection with a download cap, those who are often on the move and thus do not have a qualifying internet connection (Blizzard requires a “Broadband Internet connection”, specified in their requirements) and those (like me) who want to play in offline or single player mode and want nothing to do with Auction House or multiplayer mode.


Why is it wrong?

What is upsetting is the fact that Blizzard has confirmed that there will be no offline play in future either. There will be no segregation of single player and multiplayer modes like there was in Diablo II. But the thing really upsetting me is that other companies are now slowly and steadily moving toward this trend.
There were numerous reasons for Blizzard to require an “always online” connection. Primarily, Blizzard wanted to safeguard the economy of the D3 world by preventing abuse of the system through which users could cheat and sell items privately, or hack and create duplicate items; basically, what goes on in WoW. They also wanted users to have internet connections so Blizzard can check for pirated games.

What this has resulted in is that the major gameplay mechanics are shifted server side. Enemy /map generation. Character creation and saving. Majorly, it will all happen online and will be saved on Blizzard’s servers. While this will help in using the same character that you have put so much work into, in both the single and multiplayer modes, and also reduce to quite an extent the abuse of the economy of Diablo III and help Blizzard earn a few more monies, it will also require you to sit in a place with at least 3G Internet if you want to play the game without many lags. This is a bad move for those who spend majority of their time traveling and want some monster killing on-the-go.

Another bad move by Blizzard was not ensuring proper load handling capabilities for their servers, especially on launch day. While I agree that things like these happen, this was a really bad move on their part, especially when people are paying $60 for a game they have waited for for 12 years. And Blizzard is, since a few years now, known for making bad moves. Case in point — No official LAN mode for Starcraft?! That IMO is quite idiotic.

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Udit Bajaj

Udit is a cyber forensics expert, currently pursuing BScIT in India. He has different interests like reading, sketching, CG, cooking, and photography. He is also a mean RPG player.

  • Disapointed

    It is all this attatude of entitlement when it comes to Diablo 3. I mean really what do you expect? I paid over $100 for the Collector Edition and even as of today I am unable to login. I am however allowed by the, “Gaming God” award winners the privilege to wait in line because their servers are busy.

    It must be my spoiled attitude to expect something to work when I pay for it. Read the threads in the forums and it is clear I ask for too much and I am “whining” because there is no way anything can be Blizzard’s fault. If you point out links to several threads of people with the same connection issues then prepare yourself for the ultimate failure in Tech Support….. the threads will be deleted and you will be told to get a different Internet Service Provider.

    Maybe in a few weeks they will fix the problems. As pointed out by many in the forums that must be employees or just stupid…. Blizzard has launched the single biggest game ever and is allowing me to play it. I should be thankful. I would be thankful if I could play the game and when I did play I didn’t have to do the same levels over and over due to their server crashing. I would be thankful if I wasn’t held hostage not able to access digital content I paid for.

    • Udit Bajaj

      Disappointed is exactly how I feel mate. That is why I am boycotting the purchase of the game till it stabilizes or till the prices fall. I mean 60$ for a standard edition is still less compared to its Indian equivalent, and the Indian equivalent costs with taxes and all around 70$. And yes, we are supposed to expect the game to work, but it shall not if fanboys support them and Blizzard deletes the threads.

      But this isn’t about Blizzard anymore. Almost every major game manufacturer is following this route, and I can only hope that some form of protest happens, like the mass anti-SOPA/PIPA protest, by the gamers. If the developers work hard to make a game and rightly demand money, we work hard to buy a license to play that game too. And we should be allowed to without, as you said “being held hostage”

      As regards to being thankful. yes we should be thankful we are allowed to play the game. BUT, we ARE paying for it, and our choices, wishes, desires should have been taken into consideration. The losing progress thing IS terrible. This is why, I asked for gamers here to not be fanboys and all “be thankful B****” , but instead realize that while a few of them CAN play the game, many are suffering, and to protest against this by various means at our disposal.