Team17 Launches Worms Licensing Program

Everybody likes Worms. No, not the squiggly and brown things that fertilize soil and cause little girls to make a puke-face; the Worms I’m talking about are the squiggly and brown things that cause mayhem and destruction and make little boys laugh as they blow things to bits. (Alright, I might have made a generalization back there). But, yes, everybody likes Worms the turn based worm-to-worm destruction game that has been around for quite a while and has a small but devoted fan following around it.


UK based Team17, the developers of the Worms series, has announced that they will be releasing their trademark for licensing merchandise based on the Worms characters and universe. The cartoony graphics are quite well known and the games have been well received (and gently criticized for not going beyond the tried-and-tested formula which always works) by gamers worldwide, and the merchandise is also expected to do well:-

For the first time, the hugely popular videogames franchise Wormsâ„¢ is being offered to licensees, retailers and promoters for a range of merchandise, by UK-based brand owner Team17 Software Ltd. and its worldwide licensing agent AT New Media. Wormsâ„¢, which celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2010, is a bestselling, award-winning and hilarious turn-based strategy videogame.

The Facebook fan page update says that it might take many months before any official merchandise hits retail stores. However, the thought of seeing our beloved Worms on cups, saucers, pillowcases, iPod docks and Holy Hand Grenades is quite a nice one. Let’s hope they don’t fizzle out like a badly aimed Sheep Strike.

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