Valve Quietly Rolls Out Steam Badges

Not quite content with introducing gamification in games using Achievements, Valve has quietly rolled out badges in their digital games distribution platform, Steam.

The badges are retroactively applied, though certain badges will require that you redo the action, even though you’ve already done them before — for instance — launching a game or publish a screenshot. You can see the badges that you’ve unlocked from your Steam profile

Steam Badges

Clicking on “All Badges” brings up a detailed listing of all badges.

List of all Steam Badges

With the Steam Summer Sale on, Valve seems intent on making people do more than just play games — Valve wants people to share their images, videos and essentially build up a small social networking community within Steam. And the results of the badges being introduced can be seen right away, as Jerwin so eloquently puts it.

Jerwin commenting on my uploaded image

Whether the comments and other such activity will be sustained, remains to be seen. For now, you can start acquiring your badges!


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