Spellforce Franchise Sale on Steam.

Well, it’s time for the weekend deal from a whole lot of places, and here’s the one from Steam something that actually piqued my interest enough. The entire Spellforce series is available for 75% off until Monday. Yes, for a cumulative price of $11.24 you get the Spellforce: Platinum and Spellforce 2: Gold editions equivalent to over a hundred hours of RPG-Strategy fun!


Spellforce: Platinum Edition encompasses three games, Spellforce: The Order of the Dawn, Shadow of the Phoenix and Breath of Winter. With these titles, Phenomic established their slightly buggy, nevertheless endearing group of RTS-RPG hybrids firmly into gamers’ hearts.


Using six races (simultaneously, might I add) the player gets to fight over thirty different kinds of enemies in the Real Time Strategy part of the game, while the high degree of customization and identification with the hero character allows the player to delve into the Role Playing slice of this game. In all a fantastic fantasy setting that any RPG fan can jump straight into!


Spellforce 2: Gold Edition was the sequel to the surprising but tacky Spellforce series which had become quite the favorite with many gamers because of its gameplay. It fixed several issues while introducing new possibilities. It also featured multiplayer battles (whereas the previous only featured cooperative multiplayer) with up to 6 opponents. The Gold edition contains both the original, Shadow Wars, and the Dragon Storm addon.


Adding to the original both graphically and features-wise, Spellforce 2 was quite an achievement for Phenomic and did lots of good for JoWood.

So will you buy these two game-packs on Steam? If yes, do let me know why because I am in two minds about this; I have quite a few games in queue and I fear I’ll be buying this only for the sake of buying it. Convince me in the comments section please!

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