Sony Enters the Motion-Sensing Game Scene with PlayStation Move

If you ask me, I don’t know which one is a crappier name: PlayStation Moveor the Wiimote. But, let’s face it, game hardware developers have never been very imaginative about the names of their hardware. With the PlayStation Move, Sony has decided to fight the household behemoth called the Nintendo Wii. The Dual Shock 3 Sixaxis will be replaced by these two controllers shown below.


Yes, the left-hand controller features the D-pad, an analog stick and the circle button (curiously) while the right-hand controller has the face buttons, the second analog stick and that inappropriate-looking blue bulb thing. The PlayStation Move will be used in tandem with the PlayStation Eye.

GamerCenterOnline reports that Peter Dille, Sony Vice President, said that it will be very precise, being able to recognize both fast and subtlemovements and will be available for a sub $100 price tag this fall.

We’re paving a path from the Wii household to the PS3 household; we’re planning to design games that target all genres and audiences, including core gamers, and we’re treating this like a virtual platform launch. This will be our biggest effort of the year.

I’ll be damned if I hear about a core gamercaught dead with those two in his hands. But let’s see what time brings with it.

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