Sign up for StarCraft II Beta

As I logged into Battle.Net page today, I noticed an interesting link in my profile which was missing till now:

Yes, that’s right! StarCraft II, one of the most anticipated games of the year will be entering the closed beta stage this month. To opt in for the beta you   will need need to build up a beta profile containing your system specifications.

To build up a beta profile, however, you will need a account and atleast one registered Blizzard game. While I made use of my Diablo II registration, if you don’t own any Blizzard game, but still are interested in signing up for the closed beta – fear not. Just sign up for World of Warcraft free trial. Following this, World of Warcraft will feature in your account as a registered game, and you can proceed with signing up for the beta.

So what’re you waiting for! Go grab that account and enlist for StarCraft II Beta!

2 thoughts on “Sign up for StarCraft II Beta”

  1. Hey Gamestop is offering free beta keys when you preorder. If you preorder in-store you'll have a beta key printed on the receipt. Order online and you'll receive an email with the code within 24 hours. It's while supplies last.

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