Shivering Kittens A Tetris Based Game for Facebook

Shivering Kittens A Tetris Based Game for Facebook

has tons of games and crazy quizzes which my friends send across to me, many of them are seriously lame and not even worth spending time on.


But not all games and applications on Facebook are stupid, this is a developer tipped me about a really interesting application called shivering kittens.


Shivering Kittens is a puzzle game based on a very popular game called Tetris, however in this game you have to save freezing kittens by arranging falling blocks to free the adorable kittens from the ice.

If you are looking to waste some time and love Tetris go ahead try out Shivering Kittens by adding the app to your Facebook account.

Here is a video that shows you how you can play Shivering Kittens. It is also available for download as a iPhone app.

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