Seven Indie Games for $10. Steam Midweek Sale


Time once again for the Steam Midweek Sale. This time it’s a sure-fire winner. Steam has released seven Indie games for a great price of $9.99. Yes, 7 games, 10 dollars. This steal of a deal has some great games in the bundle that, though not visually as pleasing as Braid, have addictive gameplay and unbelievable style. Did I mention that you will be getting seven games in the Midweek Madness sale of Steam? Oh, and each game is separately available for $2 as well. Go buy!

And what precisely are these games you ask? Well, the seven games are:-

1. Altitude: This little multiplayer dogfight-em-up has already stolen about 4 hours of my life in a day. Extremely addictive, choose from five different planes and play a game of plane-football, team deathmatch, free-for-all or team base demolition. Addictive after the first few minutes and an insane amount of fun. This one is a must buy (get it for $2 during the sale!) and goes above and beyond the expected.


2. Bob Came in Pieces: Bob has a problem. He has crashed on a strange planet and broken his ship into crazy pieces, and he is late for work. Rebuild Bob’s ship in any way you like as you use the ship and your custom attachments to solve physics-based puzzles in a beautifully crafted environment.

Bob Came in Pieces

3. Bullet Candy: An arena shooter that is basically asteroids on steroids and acid. Psychedelic environments notwithstanding, this game is tons of fun with addictive gameplay and an excellent online leaderboard system. Also, Steam cheevios!

Bullet Candy

4. Galcon Fusion: Conquer the Galaxy with 38564 triangles! This simplistic galaxy conquest game has you controlling planets with their triangular ships. Though the game sounds simple, it gets progressively harder and has frantically large amounts of triangles on the screen at any time. A must buy, just because of its addictive nature.

Galcon Fusion

5. Gridrunner Revolution: The next step in Gridrunner evolution. Featuring several game modes and several levels across 4 difficulty levels, this game promises to waste a large amount of your time. Also, procedurally generated backdrops and enemies make it a great companion for your Pink Floyd playlists.

Gridrunner Revolution

6. Space Giraffe: Simplistically presented as a shooter, this game takes you to new heights (especially if you already are high). Flashy graphics synthesized in real time make every game of Space Giraffe unique.

Space Giraffe

7. Super Laser Racer: Geometric racer with weapons and a crazy techno soundtrack and very simple controls. I need say no more.

Super Laser Racer

I bought this pack as soon as I found out. Do buy this pack if you liked more than a couple of games. You are helping independent devs with their work. Also, Steam achievements! (Ha)

Get the Midweek Madness Sale off Steam now!

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