SEGA Dreamcast Collection is Available for the PC and Xbox 360

Remember the beautiful beautiful little console known as the Dreamcast (DC)? Remember how good it was to you, and how the VMU controller with its little LCD was the bestest little thing in the world (actually, no). Remember how your little heart broke when it died and there were no more Dreamcasts available?


Well, if playing with that controller is what you want, then well we cannot help you. However, if it is the games that you are more interested in, then SEGA of America has a great offering for you. The SEGA Dreamcast Collection is a collection of four classic Dreamcast games for the PC and Xbox 360. All five of these games were great hits (or at least, good hits) back in the DC’s heyday (which was relatively short).

Sonic Adventure: Stop Dr. Eggman by collecting the seven Chaos Emeralds in the first Sonic game for the Dreamcast.

Crazy Taxi: Does this warrant an introduction? Deliver passengers to their destination…in style! Collect money for crazy stunts and time of transit.

Space Channel 5 Part 2: The fun rhythm game for the Dreamcast sees Ulala the reporter dancing her way to victory!

SEGA Bass Fishing: Finally, relax with the hook, line and sinker with this bass fishing game. The lovely outdoors sans the out of doors-ness.

All of these games are HD supported, have Avatar awards and other such niceties of games these days. Go get them here!

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