Scaled Down Middle-Earth in Minecraft

Considering the percentage of my posts devoted to Minecraft, I think it would be safe to make an entire subdomain for the game on this blog. The game requires hardly an introduction these days, but Electronic Legosuffices for now. The yet-to-be-released (yes it’s still in beta) indie masterpiece has had everything from a 1:1 model of the USS Enterprise to a 96-pixel working television inside the game. header Now the good folks at Minecraft Middle Earth have been busily creating the entire world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic The Lord of the Rings within the environs of Minecraft. They have also done this without using any plugin or third-party creation tools. That’s right, this entire project was done by a bunch of people using their mice to mine away and place each block individually. As a reference they used a very accurate ~80MB atlas of Tolkien’s world (available here). It is unbelievably gorgeous and I do not know exactly where to being describing the sheer beauty of the entire server. You can also help out with the creation of the world (it is an ongoing project) by joining them. Now for the clincher their forty-five minute walkthrough of the entire world that is just beginning to reach its limits.

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