Rumor: Psychonauts 2 May Soon Become a Real Game

I love Psychonauts. I really really do. It’s one of those things that I remember from back when gaming meant getting lost in a different world completely and utterly and forgetting time or even the concept of it. So when word gets around that Tim Schafer, the creator of one of the finest platformers of all time, says that he is ready for Psychonauts 2, a lot of hearts start racing.


These hearts start racing faster and faster when the creator of Minecraft, Markus Persson, tweets and follows up on Reddit that he will be willing to fund the game and will not be involved in any other way in the production of the game. At least mine did. It’s like watching something beautiful shape up in front of your eyes. It’s like Genesis fruiting in front of you. It’s like the host of other analogies that I cannot remember right now.

Moreover, DoubleFine Studios’ new KickStarter project for a new old school game went way past its needed funding and crossed the $1 million mark in a matter of days. This led to more hinting from Schafer. He said that if the funding goes beyond a certain limit ($20 million), his studio may give fans the “bonus” of Psychonauts 2 with the $19 million surplus.

Are you excited? YOU BETTER BE!

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